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'ANKAR' Bottom Discharge CENTRIFUGES are of the most modern design, of strudy construction, provide rapid acceleration, with low current consumption and powerful efficient braking.
The 4-point Suspension:
Introducing the latest Fully Automatic Four Point Suspension Bottom Discharge Centrifuge Machine made to International specification with inertia platform and vibration isolating lampners to ensure smooth operation with following advantages:

● No Foundation Required.

● Complete Flexibility to relocate the Centrifuge in the Plant.

● Drive system (Belt & Pulleys) Totally Enclosed and can be purged with N2 gas (Special Flameproof Design).

Rolled Copper or stainless, mild or galvanized steel baskets are all-welded and amply drilled for speedy extraction. The Basket is made to suit the product. The dynamically balanced basket ensures vibrationless and silent working.

The Drive:
IIt is furnished by a totally enclosed motor controlled by infinitely variable AC inverter drive to vary basket speed with built-in dynamic braking system. The AC drive is incorporated with micrcomputer and has facility to interface with Programmable Logif Controller (PLC) or Distributed Control System (DCS) for complete automation.

Scrapping Arrangement:
We offer three types of scrapping systems:

  • Manually operated scrapper.
  • Motorised single motion scrapping system.
  • Hydraulic dual motion scrapping system.

The centrifuge can be made fully automatic with the help of AC inverter Variable Speed Drive, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Automated Valves.

Two Safety Devices:
The limit switch automatically cuts off the power supply to the motor and the INTERLOCK prevents opening of the basket cover, until quite safe.

Optional Accessories:

  • Zero Speed Interlock
  • Charge Regulator
  • Vibration Triper
  • Nitrogen Purging Control System
  • Cake Limiter.

One year's unconditional guarantee for fault-free material and workmanship.

Our expert engineers will supervise erection of the centrifuge at customer's works, if required, at a reasonable service charge.

We shall be pleased to tender our quotation on receipt of your specific inquiry.


Model Unit ANKAR
Basket Diameter mm. 915 915 1220 1220 1524 1524
Basket Depth mm. 450 600 500 650 500 750
Working Capacity under lip Lts. 160 220 300 400 500 750
Basket Load ( Max ) Kgs. 200 275 375 500 625 930
Max. Basket revolutions rpm. 1100 1100 1000 1000 900 850
Centrifugal Force G. 619 619 682 682 691 616
Filteration Area m2 1.29 1.72 1.91 2.49 2.39 3.59
Motor Power kW 7.5 7.5 15.0 18.5 18.5 22.0
Overall Dimention of Machine
1 Length over Motor mm. 1780 1780 2150 2150 2500 2500
1 Width mm. 1220 1220 1600 1600 2000 2000
1 Operating Height mm. 1500 1700 2325 2500 2250 2500
1 Weight of Machine with Motor Kgs. 3000 3100 4500 4750 7000 7500

Note :

  1. Values indicated are approximate and may vary on actual machines.
  2. The centrifugal force relates to the basket diameter and maximum speed.
  3. Basket load in Kgs. will vary based on bulk Density of the material.
  4. We reserve the right to alter size, weight and design features.
  5. Centrifuges available in other capacities also, on request.

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