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Horizontal Peeler with CIP/ Heel Removal

Schematic Representation Showing Through Wall Construction

Our Horizontal Pharma Peeler is a batch type automatic / semi automatic filtering centrifuge. The axis of rotation of the basket in this centrifuge is horizontal. It is ideally suited for a clean room installation - “through the wall” using a flexible membrane as required in pharmaceutical applications.


  • Slurry is fed into the rotating basket using a feed pipe.
  • Washing (using a wash pipe) and dewatering cycles are carried out. Liquid is discharged through a sloping discharge pipe at the lowest point.
  • Solids are peeled using a full-length knife and are discharged by gravity from a nozzle on the front of outer body. The centrifuge is designed to perform feeding, washing and peeling at maximum speed depending on material characteristics.


  • Best for a “through the wall” installation – with complete separation of the process area (feed, wash, solid discharge) from service area (liquid outlet, motor, hydraulic power pack, bearing housing). The entire bearing housing is removable from the service area.
  • Fully opening outer body giving full access to basket (inside, outside and rear), peeler knife, and other inner parts for cleaning, inspection, validation and swab tests.
  • Mounting on Anti vibration mounts – eliminating a heavy foundation
  • Residual Heel removal for optimum solids recovery
  • CIP for easy cleaning
  • Entire operation in a Nitrogen blanketed atmosphere
  • Self draining design for minimum retention of liquid
  • High centrifugal force for fast filtration and low residual moisture
  • VFD (Inverter) for flexibility and optimizing operation

Optional Features

  • Anti stick coatings on discharge chute
  • Hydraulic clamping ring for outer body
  • Cake monitoring system
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Complete automation using PLC

    Material of construction :
    Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Fluoro-polymer coated (like ECTFE, PFA etc), Halar Coated.

    Available Sizes :


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